Cedar Trees

Nature has offered so much to us to us for our daily living. Apart from what we receive from nature we also make use of natural resources like water, wood, and other essentials. Trees especially are used by man in many ways. We use them for furniture, for building homes, boats and also for making other utilities and also as firewood. Among the numerous trees, Cedar Trees are perhaps one of the noticeable wood resource. Aside from the fact that Cedar Trees are used to manufacture all sorts of things from pencils and other tools, they are also excellent decorative additions to your yard. It is a evergreen tree belonging to the Pinaceae family along with its cousins line pines, firs, hemlocks, larches and spruces. It grows in the mountain region ad there are many types of Cedar Trees. These trees are dependant on rainfalls and hence grow where there is abundant rainfall.

Uses of Cedar Trees

People buy Cedar Trees for landscaping or as ornamental trees. Their attractive foliage and wide spreading branches make them a point of attraction. Cedar trees also have a nice scent just like pines. Whether you need them for their beauty or for material purposes, the uses of Cedar trees are cannot be denied even in today’s modernized living. Here are some of the ideal uses of this wonder tree as practiced by numerous individuals for centuries.

  • Cedar Trees make excellent fence addition around the property as its canopies which are thick can keep your place warm by blocking the cold wind.
  • You can use dwarf Cedar Trees to line the garden path and cut it into desired shape.
  • Its highly dense and light weight nature makes them usable for furniture making and other items which are used mainly for ornaments.
  • Most important fact about Cedar wood is that it is resistant to decay so this is used for closets and wall covering.
  • Ceilings, beams, windows, doors, and posts can also be made from Cedar wood. It is a proven ideal building construction material.
  • They also make excellent guitars and other instruments from this wood. The wood of Western Red Cedar trees are used for the tops and necks of classical guitars.
  • Cedar wood is also used for making outdoor and indoor furniture and fixtures as they are durable, light weight and very easy to work on.

Beauty and Healthy Benefits of Cedar Wood

Cedar trees are also used to make Cedar oil which are now used for various beauty and health purposes. Here are some of the interesting uses of Cedar oil extracted from these big trees.

  • Used for aroma therapy to remove rashes and acne.
  • It balances the dry hair and skin and it is believed that it might reduce hair lose by stimulating hair growth.
  • Cedar wood oil can alleviate cold and flu and clears chest congestion and dry coughs. It is also used to help cure sinusitis and bronchitis.
  • Western Red Cedar oil is used to treat fungal infections and athletes foot.
  • The Cedar oil is also said to ward off evil spirits and bring in positive energy. Hence, they are effective in warding off insects if not the said evil spirits.

If you have the place and is looking for excellent business opportunity try to plant some Cedar Trees and then when they are grown put the Cedar Trees for sale. It is in huge demand and is a good investment as well. Finding Cedar Trees and calculating its true value can get you the right price for the tree. It is done by measuring the diameter of the trunk and the height. But then consult the local forester for any formalities to grow or to cut trees. Know the benefit, find a Cedar tree and enjoy the benefits.