How To Grow Cedar Trees

Cedar trees are found in different parts of the world since they can survive in any kind of soil and adapt to different environments. The tree produces scented wood and the color of its leaves vary from dark green to pale green. It is resistant to decay and repels insects while attracting birds and tree animals. For these reasons, it is fairly easy to learn how to grow cedar trees.

Types Of Cedar Trees

Before learning how to grow cedar trees, it is important for you to know which type of cedar tree you wish to plant and take care of. The cedar tree mainly belongs to the pine family, but there are two other families into which it is classified. The Cupressaceae family contains the yellow cedar, New Zealand cedar, eastern red cedar, Mexican white cedar, and mountain cedar etc; and the Meliaceae family has Ceylon cedar and Spanish cedar. The original cedar tree family contains four types of cedar tree.

a)   Lebanon Cedar: It is also known as Turkish cedar, found widely in parts of turkey, Syria, Israel, and Lebanon. It is used as decorative tree in parks and homes.

b)   Atlas Cedar: It is subspecies of Lebanon cedar and is used as an ornamental tree.

c)   Deodar Cedar: It is also grown as an ornamental tree. It is durable and hence is used in construction.

d)   Cyprus Cedar: It is rare and its growth rate is slow.

How To Grow Cedar Trees

Before going into the details on how to grow cedar trees, you need to first choose the appropriate location to grow the cedar tree and be sure that nothing will obstruct its growth. Also, you must make sure to plant cedar trees in view of the sun because they grow fast when exposed to sunlight.

To grow cedar trees, you can either plant a cedar tree sapling or buy cedar tree seeds and grow the sapling yourself. Both the choices require different methods to grow trees.

(1)        Grow cedar tree from cedar tree seeds.

a)   Soak the cedar tree seeds in water for about two days and change the water in between.

b)   Place them in a zipper bag with moist soil used for plants.

c)   Refrigerate this bag for a month. During this period, care should be taken to keep the soil moist.

d)   Remove the bag and put the soil into pots, mix with some compost and place them in sunlight. Water it once daily.

e)   When the sapling is about 6-12 inches tall, it is ready to be planted. As it is still tender, insert a stick into the ground beside the sapling so that it grows straight and protect it from animals.

(2)        Grow cedar tree from cedar sapling brought from nursery.

a)   Plant the cedar trees saplings at a certain distance from each other.

b)   Carefully remove the plant from its nursery pot without disturbing or harming its roots.

c)   Dig a wide and deep hole in the ground.

d)   Place the sapling and cover it with mud. Don’t bend its roots more than necessary.

e)   Water the sapling once a day or as often as possible to keep the soil moderately wet.

f)   When the sapling is about 12 inches, you need to cut it about a few inches to aid its growth.

g)   Keep the area around the cedar sapling free of grass or weeds as they will reduce moisture content of the soil, which is required for the sapling to grow into a strong tree.

h)   Prune it as and when necessary.

So, there you go as to how to grow cedar trees. Once you have chosen the type of cedar tree to plant, you can either choose to grow it from seeds or from a sapling.