Uses Of Cedar

Cedar or Cedrus, as it is scientifically known, is found in most parts of the world. It is a coniferous tree and is part of the pine family. They grow rapidly when exposed to direct sunlight. Cedar trees are used as decorative or ornamental purposes while landscaping.

Benefits Of Cedar

The major uses of cedar tree are from its bark and oil. The bark of the cedar tree produces scented wood, known as cedar wood and the color of the wood varies from dark brown to red.  Cedar oil is extracted from the cedar wood and sometimes from its roots and foliage. The uses of cedar wood and oil are elaborated below.

Uses of Cedar Oil

As mentioned in above paragraph, the cedar wood and its oil have numerous benefits and here are some of them.

a)   It is used as an insect repellent.

b)   In ancient times, it was used to preserve dead bodies.

c)   It is used as incense in temples.

d)   It is used as aromatic oil, because its woody odor works as a sedative and effectively treats stress and anxiety in people.

e)   Due to its aroma, it is used as an ingredient in perfumes.

f)   It is used for preservation of spices.

g)   It is used as an antibacterial.

h)   Its health benefits include effectively treating respiratory infections.

i)    It is beneficial to hair, as it helps eliminate dandruff and protects the hair against hair fall and graying.

j)    It also effectively treats skin infections such as acne.

k)   It is also used in treating arthritis, especially rheumatoid.

l)    It is also used for its antiseptic property.

Uses Of Cedar Wood

The cedar wood is light weight and used for construction of homes and furniture. It is eco-friendly. The wood from various kinds of cedar trees is used for different purposes.

a)   It is resistant to decay and hence is suitable to build outdoor furniture.

b)   It produces aesthetically beautiful furniture.

c)   It is easy to work with as it is lightweight and doesn’t crack or split easily.

d)   It is highly durable.

e)   It can absorb sound effectively, so are used in building ceiling shingles.

f)   It is a good insulator; hence, when a home is built using cedar wood, it helps keep the home warm in winter and cool in summer.

g)   Though its color fades after a while, it can easily be restored.

h)   It doesn’t spread fire easily hence it is suited for building purposes.

i)    It is a natural anti-termite, which is it prevents furniture form rotting.

j)    Due to its lightweight and strength, western red cedar is used to make guitars.

Uses Of Cedar Tree Types

There are different types of cedar tree, and each one has its own distinct features that serve a lot of purposes. Here are some of them.

a)   Northern white cedar is used for building canoes and fences.

b)   Australian red cedar is most valuable of all cedar since it used in building ships.

c)   California incense cedar is used for making pencils.

d)   Eastern red cedar is also used for fence-building.

e)   Japanese cedar is used for building houses.

f)   Spanish cedar is used on clothing for its fragrance and insect repelling quality.

The above are only some of the many uses of cedar trees and tree parts. Looking at them, you can now picture how important cedar trees are to people today.