White Cedar

White cedar, with its scientific name thuja occidentalis, is within the cypress family and known to be an evergreen coniferous tree having a height of 33 to 98 feet and a diameter of up to 5 feet on its trunk.  It has fan-like branches with leaves that are scaly and has cone-like fruits that are yellow-green, which turns to brown once they are ripe.  What makes the white cedar tree more special is the uses that this tree has.  This kind of tree has been known to be the tree of life because all of its parts have their own uses.  These trees are commonly found in swamp areas where tall trees cannot grow, and on the hillsides where deers cannot eat them.

Benefits and Uses Of Cedar Tree

White cedar, like most other kinds of cedar tree, has all of its parts that can really be used in so many ways by mankind.  Many people have no idea what these trees are for and how these trees are being made into several things for the people’s use.  It is therefore right that everyone must know the white cedar tree facts so that everyone can benefit from its uses.  The following insights describe how important these trees are to mankind.

  • Furniture and Construction

Woods from white cedar are commonly used as materials in making doors, windows, ceilings, posts, cabinets, tables, and chairs because of their quality, which will not easily decay through the passage of time.  Historically, the oldest age that this white cedar tree could reach is 1,650 years and maybe older, hence, the kind of wood that it has could really be very good for furniture and construction materials.

  • Liniment

Some herbal medicines are also made from cedar oil, which came from the leaves of the white cedar as well as the other kinds of cedar trees.  It has been known that such essential oil from a cedar tree can be used as cleansers and disinfectants. They can also be used as room sprays and soft soaps, as well as it can be made into ointment that can heal warts and ringworms.  Some people would also boil some of its twigs and barks and drink it like a tea since it is really good in cleansing and can ease constipation and also can heal headaches.

  • Ornamental

In Canada, Northern America, as well as in Europe, a white cedar tree is used as ornamental plants.  Because of its shape and green foliage of its leaves, these kinds of trees are can be seen in most of the ornamental gardens and parks of these three places.  It is also very good in making it as fences and screens in the gardens or in an orchard as it gives visual impact and heightens garden appearance.

White cedar and other kinds of cedar are also good materials for making guitars and other wood instruments because of its light weight and smooth texture.  There are boats that are also made of woods from these trees as well as log cabins commonly used cedar tree trunks and cedar woods too.  There are lots of white cedar trees for sale in some commercial orchards if you want to buy some species of cedar tree for your own home for any of the above-mentioned purposes.